Harvee Riggs
Sound: Tom Martello
Producer: Tom Hearn
Cameras: Diane Chodkowski, Paul Rousseau,
Linda LaBlank Dahl, Fred Dahl, Barry Tenin,
Andrea Datto, Alan Weiner
Editing: Tom Martello, Harvee Riggs
Talent Scout: Paul Rousseau, Harvee Riggs
                 Harvee Riggs
                 Tom Hearn
                 Mark Saunders




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  Welcome to "Euphonious Mode", our public access music television show. From November of 1992, until August of 2001. EM showcased over 114 of the most accomplished performers on the contemporary acoustic music scene in a series of half-hour performance videos. With a volunteer staff of friends and fellow-acoustic music-lovers who contributed their time, talent and energy, we captured the unique experience of each musician's “LIVE” in the studio performance. Performers appearing on EM embraced a wide variety of acoustic- based musical styles including folk, folk-rock, blues, world music, a cappella and roots rock.

"We liked the music and enjoyed the television experience..."

"At a time when TV viewers want to watch real cops and robbers, real emergencies and real medical procedures, we offered real music, without the hype, makeup or costumes..."

"There were already many outlets for rock, country, rap and the other mainstream musical genres. We enjoyed sharing our musical friends with viewers who may not have typically heard this kind of music in their everyday experience."

   Recorded and produced at our local cable station in CT, EM was pleased to present to the viewing community the power, poetry and just plain fun of acoustic music in a long-running series of engaging performances. Thanks to the efforts of our soundman, who was part of EM since episode one, we maintained the highest standards of sound quality in our recordings. And with our director's vision, EM's video production utilizes an aggressive and always-interesting live-image mixing process.

   As EM began its eighth year, we continued to expand our circle of musical friends and were actively looking for new performers to be part of our upcoming season. We produce only nine or ten new shows per season, which necessitated that we select only the very best from our list of potential participants. There were four criteria by which performers were selected for EM: (1) they must have written there own material (or have permission to perform cover material); (2) they were currently playing out and performing in an acoustic-based musical style; (3) they have released at least one CD; (4) they had been invited to perform by a member of the EM staff. These criteria have set a standard that we believed benefited viewers and performers alike over the years.

"There were lots of talented people, and we wanted to work with as many of them as we could."

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