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E.M. performers on your Windows compatable PC.
The multimedia CD series was called Euphonious Mode, "Acoustic and beyond..".
   Each multimedia CD-ROM had 10 audio & 10 video segments from the show. Artist's bio or press release, discography, booking and contact informatin are all found on each disc as well. These Discs were for promotional use and were available only to artists management, record companys, and presentors for the purpose of booking
preformers on this show.

Steve Nystrup
Volume 1

Acoustic and beyond... Volume 1
Jack Hardy, Greg Greenway, Lisa McCormick,
Bar Scott, Small Potatoes, Pamela Means,
Kevin Connolly Band, The Five Chinese Brothers,
Garry & the Moodswingers,
Washboard Slim & the Blue Lights

Barbara Kessler
Volume 2

Acoustic and beyond... Volume 2
The Nields,  J.P. Jones, Louise Taylor,
Madwoman in the Attic, Stephen Nystrup,
Sons of the Neverwrong, David Drouillard,
 Barbara Kessler, Go Van Gough, Patrick McGinley

Paul Howard Group
Volume 3

Acoustic and beyond... Volume 3
Sloan Wainwright, David Roth, Mark Mulcahy, 
Peter Spink, Dave Murphy, Charlie Strater, 
Dave's True Story, Margo Hennebach & Mark Saunders
Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, James Velvet & Dick Neal



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